Thursday, April 14, 2005


Our Oregon home has been sold. Well, okay, we had an offer on it a month or so ago, but it is just getting more real as we get closer and closer to our closing date (May 1st).

I am having some mixed feelings on finally selling. In a way I will be glad to finally have an end to things, but I also really loved that house.

This Saturday I am meeting with a realtor to look at a bunch of pre-owned homes. We went out on Monday and looked at one. I was a bit unimpressed. It was okay, I guess, but just not as nice as I am used to . It was obviously not a new home (we have always owned new homes...bought directly from a builder). It was 13 years old. Okay, not that old as homes go, but definitely older than we have owned in the past. It had a wonderful yard with a hot tub with a view of the mountains and the city lights and a nice grassy area where we could put one of those play things for E.

I am not in a big hurry to buy and I really like looking at houses so I am kind of looking forward to our outing on Saturday.

Update on Idol: I am really sorry that Nadia got bumped yesterday. She was one of my favorites. I think she has a wonderful voice and is just gorgeous, even if she did on occasion do wacky things with her hair. I hope she continues to sing and maybe she can still 'make it' as a singer.

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