Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Other blogs have been posting about children's sleep problems (Greener Pastures, Chookooloonks) so I thought I would put my own problems out there.

I have gotten so that E will go down to bed very well. We have a bath, put on jammies, play a little bit, then to bed with a story and a kiss on the forehead.

So what is the problem? Well he usually gets up at about 5:15 AM. That's FIVE FIFTEEN IN THE MORNING. Now I have never been a morning person. I remember when I was a teenager that I was rarely up before 11 on the weekends. My motto has been 'I would like mornings better if they started later.' Even now, if I had a choice, you would rarely see my baby blues open before 8 AM.

So what's the deal with 5AM? If I put him down later (say 9PM instead of 8), he is still up at 5AM ('milk, mommy!'). Sometimes he gets up about 1AM and gets into bed with me. Now I know that this would be easy to cure if I wasn't so lazy tired. I would just put him back in his bed and he would go to sleep again.

Until FIVE AM!

God, I hate mornings.

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