Saturday, March 19, 2005

It was a very good day

I am sitting here this evening holding my 15-year old cat on my lap. She has, somewhat uncharacteristic of recent years, 'come out of the closet' (literally) and decided she needs some love. When she was younger, she always spent the evenings on my lap, but in the last few years she has gotten more aloof. She has also gotten slower and grumpier. But then I think I have too.

Today was a good day. The afternoon was very nice and warm and E and I spent quite a bit of time outside in the backyard. We ran around, looked at the dogs that live in the house behind us. E slid down the slide and I spun him around in circles.

He loves to play with the rocks. We sit at his little kid's table (no small feat for someone with a beam as wide as mine) and he gets handsfulls of rocks out of the yard. As a sidenote for those who have not been in the desert southwest, our backyard has been xeriscaped; meaning we have lots of rocks, very few plants and no (yes, none; not a speck) of grass. We play with rocks a lot.

I try to make rocks as educational as I can. 'Mommy has two rocks. [hide one in my hand] Now there is just one.'

E points at his enormous pile of rocks and says, 'Two rocks!'

Maybe he won't be a mathematician.

'This rock is up! This rock is down!'

'My rock!'

Okay. Scratch engineering.

He loves the moon. We have to go outside multiple times a day to check for the moon. For E, anything in the sky is either the moon or a star.

E points at the sun, 'Moon!'

'No, E. That is the sun.'


Okay, forget astronomy. They are all just poor academics anyway.

It was a good day. I hope yours was as well.

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