Thursday, December 16, 2004

Letter to the CEO

My father-in-law penned the following letter:

Mr. Edward M. Liddy, CEO
Allcrap Insurance Company
2775 Sanders Road
Northbrook, IL 60062

Dear Mr. Liddy,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my son, B and daughter-in-law S. In January of 2004 they had an unfortunate experience of having their furnace develop a short and blow a fuse, which extinguished the flame. An unusual cold front went through the area and a pipe froze in the second floor of their home. When it warmed up, the ice melted and the home was flooded. They have had difficulty with your adjusters in the Beaverton, OR area in reaching a settlement. The number of the Allcrap Delux Home Owners insurance policy is 0xxxxxx and the number of the claim is 1xxxxx. To assist them with reaching a resolution on this claim I went to Beaverton, OR in November. On November 5th, Allcrap sent out a professional engineer who found the short and concluded it was the result of the contractor wrapping the thermostat wire around a furnace duct hanger. Over a period of a couple of years the vibration from the fan on the furnace eventually wore through the insulation and caused the short to ground. After the short was found Allcrap send out Mr. JP of T, Inc. to assess the damages. Mr. P gave an estimate of $63, 474.82, which was only for the repairs to the home. It did not include loss of personal property, expenses for drying out the home, furnace repairs, etc. Your adjuster is planning to provide a settlement to my son and wife for $52895.68, which is considerably less than the estimate Mr. P provided to just repair the home. Would you please investigate this claim and make the necessary adjustment so as to provide my son and wife with a fair and just settlement of their damages. I shall be waiting to hear from you as to the results of your investigation into this claim.

Respectfully submitted by _________________________

Hopefully the bastards will listen, but I am not holding my breath. Glad we had the 'Deluxe' policy. No telling how we would have been treated if we only had the 'regular' policy.

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